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Pallet board

Pallet board

Pallet boards - the most important components of the pallet.

All boards are available with FSC or PEFC certificates.

All pallet components can be dried in accordance with the KD standard (chamber drying, humidity <22%) or HT (where the core temperature inside the wood reaches at least 56°C for a minimum of 30 minutes).

Component parameters:

Length [mm]
Width [mm]
Thickness [mm]
1200100 22
1200145 22
1200 - 3000
1200 - 3000

After the components have been dried, they can be arranged to fit the dimension requirements of shipping containers.


Metal brackets with dimensions of 69.5 x 45 x100 mm

Our metal brackets with dimensions of 69.5x45x100 mm are made from the highest-quality 3 mm thick sheet metal. The brackets are designed in accordance with EPAL pallet standards and specifications.


Length - 69,5 mm
Width - 45 mm
Height - 100 mm