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Quality management system

We have implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and we also possess PEFC and FSC certification, which ensures that all our raw materials come from legal and sustainable sources.

All our control processes are integrated within the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, which covers the quality of our raw materials, production processes and finished products, as well as timely deliveries.

All our pallets and pallet wood are heat-treated in accordance with the requirements of ISPM 15 (IPPC certificate), using advanced kilns.

Custom pallets

Tagged pallets

In Option I, each pallet is tagged with an RFID tag to enable identification using a mobile reader.

Option II allows the marking of one pallet, which can then be identified as a stack of pallets.

At the customer's request, we can also install a GPS transmitter on a pallet, which will allow you to track its position in real time (e.g. during transport). The device tracks the pallet by satellite and allows you to determine the precise location of the pallet. Such pallets can be used by companies trading in excise goods, such as cigarettes and alcohol. This solution allows for the precise identification of the pallet’s drying time, along with providing location information from the very moment of loading onto the truck, as well as the ability to track the movement of the pallet.

Pallets with coated sheets

Thanks to its modern, automated pallet production line, CMC has expanded its offer with a new product - a wooden pallet with a polyethylene (PE) coated sheet.

The plastic sheet provides a layer of separation between the wood and the goods on the pallet.

Some of the possibilities and benefits of using pallets with a coated sheet include:

  • Improved conditions for food transportation – the goods are kept separate from the wood
  • Possibility to use a PZH-approved plastic sheet
  • Prevents the penetration of moisture from the ground on which the pallet stands or from the construction timber. This is especially important for cardboard packaging.
  • Possibility to replace previously used pallets made of dried wood with an undried pallet with a coated sheet on the deck.

We offer the possibility of using various types of plastic sheet.

Low-density polyethylene (PE-LD) is very durable and the most popular choice. The standard thickness of the sheet is 100µm, but we can carry out customised orders if requested.

PE-LD plastic is transparent and flexible. The material is physiologically inert and permeable to gases (such as oxygen or carbon dioxide) but constitutes a barrier to both water vapour and water. It retains its properties even at low temperatures reaching -60 °C.


It has a light or dark wood colour, a load capacity of up to 500 kg, no markings on the blocks and standard EPAL pallet dimensions. Available with an IPPC certificate.


Length - 1200 mm
Width - 800 mm
Height - 144 mm


It has a light or dark wood colour, and no markings on the blocks. It is ideal for the brewing and chemical industries. Available with an IPPC certificate.


Length - 1200 mm
Width - 1000 mm
Height - 144 mm